Meijer Curbside

Meijer Curbside review

  • TYPE – Pickup
  • FEE – $6.99
  • MINIMUM ODER – No minimum
  • PAYMENTS ACCEPTED – Credit, debit, and gift cards. Finalized at pickup.
  • PICKUP HOURS – 7am-9pm, 7 days a week, hours may vary by store.


The Meijer website is user-friendly and very clean compared to the others. I like this design pretty well as of Jan. 2017. There’s not a lot of clutter and everything is self-explanatory. When I increase an item’s quantity, it’s updated in the cart regardless of where whether I clicked it in the search results or the cart itself.

Turnaround Time

The turnaround time in my area using Meijer Curbside for time slots is about 4 hours normally. Not bad! If I start planning in the morning what I would like to make for dinner that night in time to make it the same day.


“Are Coupons Accepted?”

This info was taken from the help section on

Meijer mPerks digital coupons are accepted. If you do not already have a mPerks account, please sign up at Currently, paper coupons are not accepted on orders.

Meijer Curbside Online Grocery Shopping Review

Freshness & Order Accuracy

As with the rest, there are typically always a substitution or two in my orders. For my family, I usually spend about $175-$250 for each trip using Meijer Curbside so one or two doesn’t bother me. I haven’t had a problem with freshness either. Honestly, my local Meijer has the best produce of all of them.

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