Kroger Clicklist

  • TYPE – Pickup
  • FEE – Waived for first 3 orders. $4.95
  • MINIMUM ODER – No minimum
  • PAYMENTS ACCEPTED – Credit or debit. Pay at pick up.
  • PICKUP HOURS – 7am-9pm, 7 days a week.


A review of Kroger's online grocery shopping service: Kroger Clicklist


The Kroger website is pretty easy to navigate. Search for an item or browse through the different sections shopping for what you need and add it to your cart. Note: This gets me every time. If after I add an item to my cart and I decide I want to increase the quantity, I sometimes click the + button on the item in my search results and not the + in my cart. If I’m not paying attention I don’t order as many as what I thought.


This info was taken from the help section on

“How do I redeem coupons?

Digital coupons loaded to your Shopper’s Card will automatically be applied to your order at pickup, and discounted from your total. Click here to view digital coupons.

Paper coupons can’t be used in the mobile checkout process. While Kroger is happy to accept paper coupons, please note that it will increase your checkout time. We encourage customers to use digital coupons whenever possible to ensure that your ClickList pickup experience is as quick as possible.”

I have the Kroger app on my phone. When have a few minutes to spare I go through the app and clip the digital coupons. Since my husband uses my Kroger rewards card too, the coupons I clip apply to his transactions and the online orders. Digital coupons are awesome.

A review of Kroger's online grocery shopping service: Kroger Clicklist

Turnaround Time

Kroger Clicklist has a quick turnaround time in my area. On new year’s eve, I placed a $200+ grocery order (not exactly a tiny order) as soon as I woke up since I forgot to do it the night prior. I had my order placed by 8:00 am and picked up the groceries by 12:30 pm the SAME day.

Freshness & Order Accuracy

I have not had a problem with the freshness of produce. There are often times when what I order isn’t available so they substitute it with another item. Never have they substituted an item which I could not use in its place so I allow substitutions for nearly everything (except cereal…my beasties are particular about cereal brands). If you don’t want substitutions, however, they do offer a customization option for EACH item.

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